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For your best chance of finding the used car part you need in the Gladstone area, make Williams Auto Wreckers & Mechanical your first port of call.

There is no need to spend more money on a new vehicle or new parts when there are lots of old cars with perfectly good parts waiting to be reused.
The dismantling yard at Williams Auto Wreckers & Mechanical has a massive selection of vehicles available for parts, and the staff is happy to find the piece you need. In addition to used vehicle parts, we also stock new or used tyres and new or used batteries.

At Williams Auto Wreckers & Mechanical, we aim to be the top dismantling yard in the Gladstone region. Our approach to achieving that goal is to maintain a high volume of stock, to provide top customer service at competitive prices, and to provide old-fashioned customer service. To keep our customers safe from harm, we maintain an employee-only yard, where qualified mechanics will locate and remove your requested parts for you.

Don’t let a good car part go to waste. Before you purchase new, check with Williams Auto Wreckers & Mechanical. Our trustworthy service and extensive selection mean you can save on vehicle maintenance and provide an old car part with a new life. Contact us online, by phone, or drop in today.
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