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If you need to get rid of an unwanted vehicle in the Gladstone area, call Williams Auto Wreckers & Mechanical to ask about getting cash for your car.

Let us take that vehicle off your hands, our professionals can repurpose your unwanted vehicle into recycled materials.
You name the model—Ford, Holden, Toyota, Landcruiser—we can find a new use for it. As long as it has four wheels and a key so that we can steer it, we can roll it off your property. If you’re in the Gladstone area, we can provide a free towing service.

At Williams Auto Wreckers & Mechanical, our goal is to become the top automotive dismantling yard in the Gladstone region. We will remove your unwanted vehicle with care, and our qualified mechanics will do what they can to recycle its useful parts, and then we’ll convert the rest to scrap metal. Contact us today to get that unwanted vehicle out of your way.
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