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Tanya and Rick Williams have been running Williams Auto Wreckers & Mechanical since 2016 when they leased the vacant plot on South Trees Drive in Gladstone.

With training in business administration and almost a decade of experience in the wrecking industry, Tanya manages the administrative side of the business.

Rick manages mechanical services. He is a qualified diesel mechanic, also known as “The Ford Doctor,” who grew up working on cars and has three decades of experience in vehicle repairs and servicing.

Thanks to a team of qualified mechanics, Williams Auto Wreckers & Mechanical provides affordable used cars, car parts and mechanic services.


1. Question
How long will my car repairs take?

Some simple jobs are easy to predict and take just an hour or two. However, in many cases, a mechanic doesn’t know how long a task will take until they look into the problem. By calling ahead to discuss the issue with your mechanic, you may be able to get a more accurate assessment of how much time will be required.

2. Question
What is my legal responsibility when giving up my unwanted vehicle?

Australian law requires that vehicle owners cancel their registration when sending their car for scrap. This regulation is intended to guard against theft and unlawful resale.

3. Question
Will you still take my vehicle if it was in an accident or is no longer in running condition?

Even if the vehicle as a whole isn’t in acceptable running condition, we can still use it for parts.

4. Question
Can I deliver my unwanted car to you rather than have it picked up?

If your vehicle is in fair running condition, you may drive it to us. Please contact us before bringing us your car so that we can agree on terms.

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Williams Auto Wreckers & Mechanical are OFFICIAL members of the MTA Queensland